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Getting Fresh

We’re in the thick of Spring here in Connecticut. My garden is sprouting, I’ve worn shorts consistently for every run in the last week, and a can’t help but stock my fridge with all things green and crunchy!

This week, I’ve been inspired by a great Cook’s Illustrated recipe I found several years ago. Brown rice with peas, mint, and feta. It’s the perfect balance of flavors, and embodies freshness with the sweet peas balanced by the salty, feta. All of the tastes are brought together by a bright spritz of fresh lemon upon serving.
I served this side, along with lots of other delicious things last Sunday when I had a few friends over for dinner, but come Thursday, I was hungry for the fresh taste of spring again so I whipped up a similar mixture, adding in sweet tiny salad shrimp, and subbing quinoa for the brown rice.

That’s when it happened. I finally used up my 4lb bag of Quinoa. Only took me 14 months. Good thing it’s grocery day and I could stock up again before I had to go without;)




Tempo Tuesday!

For two weeks in a row, my coworkers and I have celebrated Tempo Tuesday!

For the uninitiated, Tempo Tuesday is where I try to keep up with the guys running at their normal pace, and they force me to do intervals of 1-2 blocks from about 9:30 to 8:50 pace. (Not everybody who writes a running blog is fast, m’kay?}. During this time, they ask me questions and push me if it’s easy for me to talk. Not super scientific, but it gets the job done. Tempo Tuesday is also WAAAAY more fun than pushing myself to run fast just for the heck of it.

On last night’s Tempo Tuesday run, my partner wanted to do some hills as well. Here’s a map of our “ooh, let’s do that hill, ooh, let’s do that hill” run. *This is a map to the best of my memory. I don’t have a fancy watch – more on that soon, so I mapped what I could remember on

We also stopped by the garden to check in and give it some water. The lettuce blend is forming nice little rows of two-leafed sprouts. Some of the rainbow chard is sprouting. The garlic and the onions are about an inch tall already! Here’s a shot from Sunday afternoon.
The best part about Tempo Tuesday this week: I felt great! My feet and ankles feel good this morning too. Now, time for some serious stretching!

Spring in my step

What puts a spring in your step?

This blog highlights several hobbies of mine that brighten my day. Recently, I’ve jumped two feet back into running. It feels so good to be back to running 3-4 miles a few times during the week. Last Wednesday, I joined about 16 other runners for an Asics-sponsored evening run at my local running store, soundRUNNER in Branford. Asics was demoing the new Gel-Cumulus. I’m a stability shoe wearer so I declined on the demo, but reports from my fellow runners were all positive. We ended the evening back at the store with beer and free T-shirts for all! Way to go, soundRUNNER for your continued support in fostering the running community!

What else put a spring in my step this weekend? A SIX mile long run! (Longest since the fateful pre-tendonitis-diagnosis 10 miler that did me in)! And, two garden plots of my very own.

I had two beautiful raised garden beds when I lived in Oregon and I missed that fresh produce and the peaceful feelings gardening provides during my first year in Connecticut. Last year, I made do with a re-purposed shipping palate that I converted into an herb garden behind my apartment. This year I have two 3×6 ft plots in the Mansfield Community Garden sponsored by the New Haven Land Trust.

The beds were completely overgrown with weeds Saturday morning, but by 5pm on Sunday, they looked like this:


That’s some pretty nice dirt, huh? 😉 Here’s the map of what to expect. I’ll be posting updates throughout the summer.


There were many other reasons for feeling happy, accomplished, and loved this week. I’m thankful to say that these are just a few.

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