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Win the day

Hello blog land!

Sometimes, the “meaningful, fulfilling work” that I do isn’t all that fulfilling. Often, it’s downright disappointing. They wouldn’t be called “experiments” if we knew they were always going to work, or give us the answer we’re looking for.

Science is cool and all, but Science rarely gives back as much as I put in on a day to day basis in terms of me feeling satisfied and empowered by accomplishing my research goals. (Science can be a real B*tch when she wants to be) This sort of unbalanced relationship might work for some people, but I need a lot more positive feedback if I want to keep from feeling like a failure.

Enter running. I took up jogging, slowly, with walk breaks in 2008 while I was in grad school in Portland, OR (the greatest city with the awesomest people). As I continued running, my pace improved, how I felt while I was running improved, how I felt when I was not running improved… The more I put into running, the more I got out of it. (Unlike Science on most days). And the more I was able to drift off to sleep at night feeling like I won the day despite my experimental successes or failures in the lab.

In the past four years, I’ve found a few different hobbies along with running that reciprocate my hard work, giving me the satisfaction often missing from my days at work. This blog is about staying optimistic, being happy, feeling just a tiny bit in control of my life, and finding pursuits that help me feel like I’ve reached my Personal Best every day.

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