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And sometimes, Science rewards you.

This weekend, I took a little trip back to the Motherland, the Upper Midwest. Not quite the Motherland, because I was in Cleveland and not Michigan, but it was pretty darn close.

I scooted out of the lab around 2:30 on Friday to catch my flight to Cleveland so I could celebrate with this happy couple:


Along with the Paul and Erin’s wedding, I got to hang out with my parents who drove down to Cleveland to spend the weekend with me. I love them! All in all, a fantastic weekend of Parents, good food, friends, celebrations, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and even an early Easter basket. Despite not having awesome enough peroneal tendons to be able to go for a waterfront run on Lake Erie, I did manage to do a lot of walking around downtown Cleveland, and stayed ├╝ber stylish in my black peep-toe pumps on the dance floor at the reception. A month ago, wearing one inch heels for three hours made my feet ache for three days, but no pain this weekend! I’ll take it!

The snow this morning nearly foiled my plans to fly back to La Guardia, but I made it into the lab by 2pm to find a sight I’ve been hoping for for three weeks, and have been working toward for longer than I want to admit. Sometimes, … Sometimes Science rewards you. And not only that, but Science rewarded my frantic early-morning to mid-afternoon work on Friday by giving me not one, but four different mutants!

This calls for a cheer and I will teach it to you right now. Whenever I say “I got mutants!” You all say, “Yay! Mutants!”
Yep. I’m that kind of scientist doctor, the mutant-making kind. You know it’s cool;)

So today, it’s Science for the W.

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