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Whooowee! It’s been a while!

Science has been moving at a frantic pace for the last couple of weeks and so have I! Riding the motivation train in work, AND in running. Sweet!

What brought on the running motivation, you ask? Feeling close to recovered from the tendonitis in my ankles, and receiving this little baby in the mail a week ago!


Now I know why so many of my runner friends are addicted to their Garmin’s! I wasn’t intending my run on Thursday to be particularly speedy, but that lap pace notice each mile is a huge motivator for me. The competitor in me loves to beat my previous times, an the scientist in me loves to analyze the data when I’m done. So addicting. In a good way.

Another engine on the motivation train is seeing that despite the tendonitis and not running for most of February and all of March, my pace hasn’t declined as much as I thought. I think my New Year’s goal of a sub 2:00 half marathon is still within reach!

Speaking of trains… I hopped on the Metro North at 5:45 this morning to head into New York for a #werunnyc meet up. The run was hosted by Greatist, and sponsored by some of my favorite sports companies. Lauren Fleshman’s Picky Bars were there- I tried them all. So good! Nuun hydration was there keeping us from dying of thirst on a hot, hot day. And the event was organized by Oiselle Ambassadors, and twitter friends of mine, Jocelyn @jcbonn, Meggie @mbsthinks and Abby @nycrunninggirl.

I thought I might the farthest travelled runner this morning taking the train from New Haven into Manhattan, but the two girls from Scranton, PA beat me! Amazing. We ran from Greatist HQ down to the East River and along the FDR to the Williamsburg bridge for 4, 6, or 8 miles depending on the turnaround. It was a hot, hot day but running through the spray park with my new running buddy, Gabby made it a great run.

Flocking through NYC


Beautiful hot day on the esplanade.

In short, life is good.

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